NYC 2012

I’m not sure how to say this (it feels like telling someone you are cheating on your girlfriend), but I am loving the seductive ways of New York City! This happens to be my sixth time in the Big Apple and every time I enjoy it more and more.

This city is full of little nooks and crannies of unique and one of a kind experiences around every corner. From Grimaldi’s pizzeria and Jacque Torres Chocolatier at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn to every little quite corner of Central Park. I even find myself enjoying the act of dodging the crazy fast foot traffic and rubbing shoulders with hot and sweaty crowd of the subways here. This city has an endless amount of uniquely different, hipster like new or quaintly old restaurants that one could spend a lifetime in.

I have spent most of my time here in 3-4 day stints, usually with coworkers or race buddies or a combination of both. This will be my first time alone with an extended stay of 10 days. So far I have landed at 5am on Friday in order to squeeze in a triathlon with my buddy Billy Lister the next day. The triathlon was not a record breaker for me since it was in a pool and in almost 100 degree heat. There were some upsides to the race, like when I wasn’t passed by anyone in the pool as I was passing the majority of the people in front of me (a first for me during a swim because I don’t pass ANYONE… EVER). The bike was average and my run felt like my battery levels were in the red. It was nice though not racing with the usual pressure of my other competition and honestly I saw it more as a brick training day anyway. Sunday was filled with a morning of life changing swimming instruction at the CAF swim clinic that I actually came here for. It was nice seeing old and new faces at the clinic and even better hearing them all say they walked away learning something new. The rest of the week ahead is going to be filled with many new experiences as I wonder through my favorite city on the “other coast” waiting to race in this Sunday’s NYC triathlon for the 4th time. Stay tuned for my recap on the exciting week ahead…